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Dec 312010

I struggled with writing this last post of 2010. To be honest I’m a bit surprised I’m still here. What I mean is I’m the type of guy who gets into a lot of different things and then tends to move on not long after. I’m a Jack of all trades, Master of none. There are a few exceptions to the rule of course. I’m beginning to realize that as much as I don’t consider myself a writer, writing is something I really enjoy. This explains why this blog has lasted for 6 full months! I think in addition to my passion for writing what keeps my coming back to my blog is the content. After all, the most important thing in my life is my family, my children. I love, love, love, love, love being a Dad and the fact that I’m just able to write about being a Dad is a real honor for me. So, here I am. Here I plan to stay.

I thought it’d be fun for me to think about what I’m going to miss about 2010 once 2011 is officially here. After coming up with this list I realized the very things I’m going to miss were things I’m also not going to miss. Hence, my title for this little list.

“My 2010 Un-Miss List”

  • Changing O’s diapers. I didn’t love changing her diapers. Yet the fact that she’s not in them now and won’t be in 2011 makes me realize my little baby girl is not a little baby girl. I miss her diapers :(
  • O was 1 year old in early 2010 and her 2nd birthday was a big deal! I’m going to miss my 1 year old O and my 2 year old O. In April of 2011 I’m going to be happy to have my 3 year old O too.
  • For part of 2010 I was off one day a week to be with O and Jake. In 2011 I’m not going to have that schedule and while I’m not going to miss a smaller paycheck I’ll miss spending that one day a week with them 100 fold.
  • In 2010 O’s name was never preceded by or following the word, “school”. In 2011, she will be attending pre-school and while I’ll miss when she was a baby, I’m excited to know she’s going to be learning a lot and playing with other children her age in pre-school.
  • I’m going to miss how Jake was crawling earlier in 2010. Now that he’s on the move in 2011 he’ll be one more little one we’re going to be chasing! I’m not going to miss having to pick up every little piece of dirt like I did when he was crawling.
  • I’m going to miss having a 1 year old. Jake will be 2 in August of 2011 and I’ll no longer have a 1 year old :( I’m not going to miss a 1 year old’s sleeping pattern though ;)
  • I’m going to miss how Jake just grunts now to talk. I’m not going to miss that his only word is “dada”.

I can’t finish this last post of the year without thanking every one of you who have read my blog this year. Whether you have stopped by once, are a regular reader, or have left comments I’m grateful you have been a part of my life. For me, life is all about sharing experiences with people. I feel I do that through my blog and I can honestly say I’ve met some of the most compassionate, sincere, and friendly people through my site, Twitter, and Facebook. I hope to share many more experiences with you in 2011 and hope you continue to come back.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Dec 302010

Double Rainbow taken with iPhone 4 and Camera+

What a day! We spent the majority of it in a car driving from Southern California back to Monterey. Normally this would be a five and a half hour drive, give or take.

With two kids?

Much longer.

To put it in perspective we stopped 4 times in just 20 miles!! Now, I’m a bit of a Roadtrip Nazi. I don’t like stopping. Especially when we’re going back home after a long trip. I just want to get there! You know? Well, O isn’t in diapers anymore so when she says she has to go, what do you do? It first started with Jake crying and it seemed he was just tired of sitting in the car. Totally get that. So we stopped off at a Shopping Center. Just before we were on our way O says, “I have to go potty”. So I take her in to a local Carl’s Jr.

Did I mention I love taking my two year old daughter into public restrooms?


Oh! That’s because I hate it! Just the thought of her touching ANYTHING! Know what I mean?

So, I put like 6 toilet seat covers on the toilet, tell her not to touch A THING and carefully prop her up on top of the seat covers. She’s talking away and yet I’m not hearing any tinkle or the slightest plop! She never went. Ughhh…

Get on the highway and 3 minutes later…”I have to go potty”…”have to go poo poo”. So, we have this portable potty that she hasn’t been great at going on but we thought let’s give it a whirl. Now O is a private pooper. When we take her potty at home she tells us to “go to sleep” so we’re not looking at her. So now she’s on the front seat in the car sitting on this foldable portable potty. 10 minutes later….nothing. I did smell something and later found out that while O wasn’t pooping on the potty Jake was pooping in his diaper. Guess he figured, “if she’s not going to go, I am!”.

Back on the road after two stops, no poop and O tells us again. We thought she might have to really go since we know how she doesn’t like using the portable potty and we’re not too keen on poop in her undies in the car. I was wanting a Starbucks anyway and there just happened to be one just up the road. Can you imagine that? A Starbucks just up the road? I know…crazy!

So O is taking or should I say giving the poop of her life with The Boss while I have Jake. It’s about this time that I realize the smell I smelled earlier was actually emanating from Jake’s diaper. I confirmed it once I pulled my finger out of his diaper to realize it wasn’t chocolate on the end of it. Ack!!! So, I head to the car to change him. As I’m changing him I notice a car is trying to park next to us (I was changing him in the front seat and I had the door open). So I turn around to look and to try and close the door a bit. I was shocked at what I saw! A girl in her 20′s or early 30′s was pulling in to the spot and on her lap was an infant! I could not believe it! I was just floored!

Heading back into Starbucks to meet up with The Boss and O and just couldn’t get it out of my mind. I decided to call 911. By coincidence as I was talking to them in walked a cop. I gave the cop the 411 on the story and he went off to talk to her. Of course, nothing came of the situation but I felt better that I called.

So three stops down and back on the road O gives us one last, “I have to go potty”. I was about to pull my hair out at this point! As it turns out we needed gas anyway so I pulled over. She didn’t have to go but we did get gas so I suppose there was no loss there.

Back on the road for the last time we saw an amazing end to end double rainbow! It was soooo beautiful! All these cars were pulled over taking pics and it was such a sight. Overall, I’ve learned a couple of things on this trip.

First, don’t feed your children when going on trips longer than a few hours. If they eat they’ll have to go potty. You should just temporarily starve them and you won’t have to stop. Second, some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children. Lastly, a simple glimpse of natures beauty can take all your troubles away!

Dec 292010

I haven’t been around much in the last couple of weeks but I plan on changing that soon. I have a lot to catch up on with you guys. For now though I was hoping you might be able to take a quick minute and say, “Hi” to O and Jake! I promise I’ll be updating you all real soon!

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