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Aug 102010

This past weekend while we were still in our PJ’s I had my iPhone out and decided to turn the front facing camera on.  I’m so glad I did because O was looking into the phone and saw herself on the screen.  What would happen next?  None other than a conversation with herself!  It was cutest freakin’ thing in the world!!  I hope you enjoy this half as much as I did!

It’s about a 2 minute video but stick around until the end…it really gets pretty funny!

I’d also encourage you to check out my friend Oren’s blog as he writes up a nice little post on DadStreet with Dancing Video included!!

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  22 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: O Talks to Herself”


    How freakin cute was that! She is adorable. Her pony must have been pretty excited!!


    Ah so cute. And also? me wants new phone! Supa jealous. Ava wouldn't ever put the phone down if she could do this.


    Great Video …and nice and wordless, like always :)


    The EVO looks like a great phone. The only bad thing I've heard about it is that when on 4G the phone lasts about 2 hours! Battery life can be awful on it but again that depends on if you're on 4G and how you're using the phone. Don't you just love toys!


    Stopped by via bloggerfather. The video is too cute! "My hair?!?!" My daughter is at roughly the same age and she says the most ridiculous things!


      Thanks so much for stopping by! Isn't it just awesome watching what comes out of their mouths!? Everyday something new, some new thought or insight…it can even be the most mundane thing for most people but when it's your little baby. Too cool! Thanks again for stopping and leaving a comment.


    Super cute!


    This was awesome! Thanks for sharing. Her imagination is great!


    Okay, I am on my way over to eat her up.


    so i'm gettin the impression? she was very excited! and utterly adorable!


    As the cool kids say: Adorbs.
    What a sweetie.


    She is so cute! Love the last part.. "my mouth?" "my hair?" hahah she's totally amazed with the camera.

    By the way, I discovered your blog from bloggerfather. I adore little kids so much so I might be hanging around quite often. :)


      Hi! I loved that part too!! So funny, right?? I'm so glad you came by after seeing me on BloggerFather. I sure hope you can stick around a bit. It's great to meet you and I'm so glad I could share that video with you.

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