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Mar 282011

What a huge day for me! When my friend Jessica of Momma’s Gone City approached me about an idea she had for a new site I knew instantly it was huge!

We’re always reading about a Dad Blogger or about a Mom Blogger, which is great, as I’m one of them! Although, you’d always have to jump between multiple blogs to get both perspectives. Even when you did the blogs would rarely ever be about the same topic.

And so it is born…Two Sides One Story will take a look into the parallel lives of a Mom and a Dad, living on opposite coasts in opposite environments. The site will be rich with media including blogs, vlogs, photos, and maybe even radio! Each post will be followed up with my views as a dad and with Jessica’s views as a mom. I think it’s going to be really neat to be able to see both perspectives in one place like this.

I am so excited to be starting this journey with such an accomplished Wife, Mom, and Blogger!

Come join us as we launch today!

Mar 252011

I’m frequently asked to do guest posts on other blogs. I remember when I was just starting out blogging (which wasn’t that long ago) and I’d wished someone would ask me to guest post. I did and still do believe it’s always an honor to be asked to guest post. People spend a lot of time and sometimes money getting their sites up. This is where they hang their virtual hats and where people come to learn about their message. So, for someone to ask me does mean a lot. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy lately between real life and all the sites I’m working on that I just don’t have time anymore.

This week was an exception as I was featured on two different sites. You can check out my post at The Big Toy Book Blog here. If you’ve just got so much time on your hands you don’t know what to do you can find me on my brother sister site DadsTalking.

I look forward to seeing all you guys here next week where I’ll be sharing some BIG NEWS!!!

Happy Friday and thanks for being a part of my blog!

I would be humbled and honored to have your vote for the Top 25 Daddy Blogger. You can vote daily should you be absolutely bored or just very nice.

Mar 242011

There are many some things I actually do around the house. Cleaning the floors is not generally one of them. However, I have been known to turn on the vacuum from time to time. Fortunately, (the wife would argue different) I don’t find too many times when I need it.

Enter Hoover.

Hoover’s name is actually Cody but I don’t think they make a vacuum cleaner called Cody. I suppose I could’ve gone with Dyson since that’s what we have but Hoover is just a classic. Do they still make Hoover? Ummm…

Okay, I think that was officially just a tangent.

Anyway, Cody Hoover loves to wait just outside of O and Jake’s chairs while they’re eating. He’s just hoping for that little bit to be tossed on the floor. He’s such an animal! My favorite bib in the whole wide world is Bibagogo. Even on those occassions when those cheerios slipped past the Bibagogo’s pocket I know I have my faithful Hoover to do the dirty work!

Do you guys have pets? Do they help out with the cleaning?

I would be humbled and honored to have your vote for the Top 25 Daddy Blogger. You can vote daily should you be absolutely bored or just very nice.

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