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Mar 242011

There are many some things I actually do around the house. Cleaning the floors is not generally one of them. However, I have been known to turn on the vacuum from time to time. Fortunately, (the wife would argue different) I don’t find too many times when I need it.

Enter Hoover.

Hoover’s name is actually Cody but I don’t think they make a vacuum cleaner called Cody. I suppose I could’ve gone with Dyson since that’s what we have but Hoover is just a classic. Do they still make Hoover? Ummm…

Okay, I think that was officially just a tangent.

Anyway, Cody Hoover loves to wait just outside of O and Jake’s chairs while they’re eating. He’s just hoping for that little bit to be tossed on the floor. He’s such an animal! My favorite bib in the whole wide world is Bibagogo. Even on those occassions when those cheerios slipped past the Bibagogo’s pocket I know I have my faithful Hoover to do the dirty work!

Do you guys have pets? Do they help out with the cleaning?

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  6 Responses to “Do You Have a Hoover?”


    We have a Hoover as well, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog model. We call her Oakley. She's fantastic at her job. Lately though we've run into some issues. For months as soon as the toddler was unbuckled and down from the high chair, the dog was allowed to move in and clean up. Now though, the child wants to rebuckle the straps on the chair after being released, creating what in the dog's opinion is a totally unnecessary delay in her duties.

    Pretty amusing to see and hear an approximately 30 inch/30 pound child hold back a 120 lb dog that is taller than she is, with a stare and a firm, "Oak-y, move BACK!" To Oakley's credit, she minds the toddler very well and waits her turn.


    Our little Dyson is 12 yrs old but she still fights to get those scraps. Better than a vacuum.


    Help with cleaning? I have freakin cats. Dirty little things they are. Been trying to give them away for years, but no luck.


    I can't even imagine life without our little neurotic terrier mutt. Cleaning the floors would be so much more time consuming, to be sure! And thank you for inspiring me to write a new post.

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