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Jul 272011

O, Olivia, 3 year old, Kids Say The Funniest Things

I remember waiting for O to speak her first words. I had always wondered what her voice would sound like. I’d even close my eyes and imagine us in conversation.

Fast forward three years and O is not only speaking but she’s doing so in both english and spanish! Thanks to our full-time Nanny who’s been with us since O was just weeks old, she’s bilingual. There are many benefits to this as I’m told. However, one they don’t tell you about is their ability to say nasty things to you in a foreign language without you knowing.

No hablo español over here.

Okay, so I may not have a problem yet with my 3-year old calling me a baboon in Spanish but there are other things going on. Take for example whenever we travel somewhere. I’m convinced my wife has been secretly feeding her lines. It’s like they spend hours a day in a brightly lit room memorizing things for O to say to me while I’m driving.

Just today we went out for a ride in the car. I was making a gesture with my hand which caused it to leave the steering wheel momentarily. Yes, the other hand was still holding on…O says, “Daddy, we don’t play when we drive!” I swear this was my wife talking! Where does she get this stuff?

That’s not the first time either. She’s come up with all kinds of things and usually it’s when we’re traveling somewhere. It’s like she’s in her carseat in the back just conjuring up juicy little tidbits to shock me with. The worst part is that even though she’s mostly saying reasonable and appropriate things I can’t help but to laugh! I’m sorry but hearing your 3-year old daughter say something serious, especially about you, is hysterical!!

She’s doesn’t discriminate though when it comes to the funny things she says. Especially on longer road trips she’s coming up with all kinds of crazy things! One of these days I’m actually going to write these things down. I’m pretty sure I could have a whole post just dedicated to her sayings. What’s more? Jake isn’t even really talking yet, so it’s going to be real interesting what he comes up with on our next road trip!

What crazy and/or fun things do your kids say when you’re out and about?



Jet Set Dadstreet 2

Jul 202011

It’s been about a month since I noticed O having a conversation with a couple friends during dinner. She seemed to be pretty engrossed in it, talking and laughing. Apparently, they all had a lot to say as I sat there watching. It did take me a minute (I’m a little slow) but I had suddenly remembered we only had two children, no invited guests, and O was not talking to her brother, Jake.

Looking underneath her high chair and the table yielded no visual of stowaway children or ghostly goblins. When I inquired as to whom she was talking to I was quickly introduced to Meena and Teedy. Apparently, I can’t see Meena and Teedy but they’re a lot of fun to be around and can carry on a serious conversation. They must be pretty funny too cause O laughs a whole lot with them around!

Recently we went to the park and I helped O push Meena and Teedy on the swings. They had so much fun and boy were they easy to push! I’m pretty sure they’re parents should feed them more as they were both really light!

O, Olivia, Jake, Friends, DadStreet

Next we went with them on the sliding board. What was great about the slide is that it’s a dual one so both Meena and Teedy could go down together. Of course, O would follow quickly behind them.

O, Olivia, Friends, Park, DadStreet

It’s not every day that we get a visit from Meena and Teedy. Sometimes they’re outside with O and Jake playing and then sometimes they’re joining us for dinner. I don’t mind having them over as they don’t eat anything and never need diaper changes.

As a concerned parent I have to admit the thought of my childhood experiences at The Grateful Dead concerts or Pink Floyd left me wondering if hallucinations pass on to your offspring. Although, I’m pretty sure this is just her wild imagination hard at work. Just when you think you’ve seen all the new things your babies/toddlers experience they surprise you with something new. With Jake just a year behind O it’ll be interesting to see who he’ll be inviting over to dinner!


Jul 152011

Travel, Children

I remember before we had kids we would wake up on Saturday morning wondering where we’d venture off to. Back then all we had to worry about was holiday traffic and then maybe who would dog sit for us. Of course, it was just my wife and I so there was little planning required and any stops we’d have to make were short and infrequent.

The Baby

Wow, having a child changes everything and I would argue it does for the better. Better doesn’t always mean less challenging though. I think that’s the case when it comes to travel and weekend getaways as we’ll explore.


I found out very quickly after having O and then Jake that babies need food. I’m not sure why this wasn’t obvious to me but I guess they need to eat and lots of it. ;-)

Bringing snacks for the car trip is really important. I highly recommend bringing a small cooler or insulated lunch sack with some fresh or dried fruit, cereal, and other snacks that transport easily. Jake is allergic to dairy so we have to be very careful that we ensure we have plenty of dairy free snacks. Often times and especially when traveling it’s hard to find a variety of foods for him.

Stopping along the way can be a very good thing. I’m one of those Travel Nazis that just likes to get where we’re going. So, if I can get there without stopping I will. Of course, when the wife starts slapping the back of my head or one of the kids have crapped themselves so bad I gag on my own inhales it’s time for the pullover. Once pulled over it’s refreshing for everyone. First, the car gets aired out but it’s important for the little ones to get out and stretch on those long drives.

Eating while on the road can be a messy affair. Whether baby is eating in the car or in a restaurant it’s not the same as eating at home . As if they’re not messy at home, right? ;-) My favorite all time bib comes from Bibagogo. There are many things I love about this bib and one of them is it’s ability to travel. It folds up very easily, stores two cloths for cleanup and even a pocket for a utensil. Make sure you throw a couple of these in your diaper bag or trunk of your car and you’ll be on your way to fewer clothing changes.


Naps are a tricky thing on weekend getaways. Usually you’re feeling stressed for time because of the short nature of the trip and of course, you may be in the car a lot. Some kids do really well sleeping in the car and others not so much. Both O and Jake are great car sleepers and have no problem doing so. We do try and time our drive (if possible) around their nap times. In otherwords, we may leave a little later in the morning so they pass out soon after we leave or we may drive at night so it’s their bed time. Of course, if your children don’t do so well sleeping in the car you’ll want to plan the opposite having them nap first and then leave.

Napping while at your destination can be a challenge too. Especially if baby doesn’t sleep well in the car you’re going to be relegated to naps at the hotel or place of stay. Again, I think it’s important that children (especially small babies) have some sort of consistent routine/schedule they can keep. They’ll feel better and be more prepared for the unexpected if they can at least keep to the schedules they’re familiar with relative to eating and napping. Obviously things come up and I’m all about teaching children to adapt to change and to be flexible but really do you want them to learn while you’re on your first weekend getaway? I didn’t think so….

Potty Breaks/Diaper Changes

I mentioned a little earlier how I’m a Travel Nazi and don’t like stops, remember? Well they are important no matter how stubborn your driver is. Not all locations have changing stations all though most do. Feel free to consider places to stop that aren’t obvious along your journey. Yes, it’s convenient to change your baby’s diaper at a Restaurant but you may have already eaten. Consider stopping at a Target or Walmart too. They’re all over the place, have plenty of changing tables, and if you forget something you can always buy it there. No matter where you stop make sure you pack plenty of wipes both for hands and for bottoms. A lot of places you may be forced to stop are dirtier than dirt. Guess the first place baby puts their hands after they touch something dirty? Yup, their mouth! Yuck!

Do yourself a favor and check out a portable potty. We found one that works great! It folds up very compactly, has bags to hold the poopy and pee, and can be stored in the trunk. We’ve actually used it at the park and other local stops.

Warning: There’s nothing you can do about this but be prepared to pull over 4 times in a 20-mile radius. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been told they went in their diaper only to pull over, let them out, pull down their pants and find out they’re dry.


Obviously, you’re not taking your crib with you on your weekend getaway. However, this doesn’t mean baby doesn’t or won’t have a place to sleep. Call ahead to the hotel as many of them keep them on hand for us parents. Just make sure that the crib is very sturdy and not loose in anyway. If you think it may be don’t hesitate to question this and request a replacement or for them to tighten it.

Another option is to bring your own travel play pen but I would highly recommend baby has slept in it beforehand. It’d be bad to find out he/she can’t stand it the first night on your trip. If that’s not possible, you’ll just have to go in to it prepared you may not be sleeping.

The other choice is for baby to sleep in bed with you. This is a personal choice and one that parents choose at home as well as on the road. I won’t recommend for or against this but I will say that if you choose to have baby in bed just make sure he/she is in the middle of you and your spouse and not on the end of the bed. We’ve had two separate occasions where my wife was breastfeeding one of the kids and in the middle of the night without realizing they wound up on the outside of the bed. Moments later the loud *thump* sound heard followed by a scream was them hitting the floor. Yes, they were perfectly okay but there is no worse feeling than knowing your baby just fell off the bed and it’s YOUR FAULT!! Okay, there are many worse feelings but I think it added a nice touch to this post.

All in all I think it’s just important to remember that your weekend getaway can be a ton of fun but not without some planning. If you allow yourself to accept that your travel may take a little longer and it’s not going to be exactly like it was before children you can and will have plenty of fun. Weekend getaways can be great for the kids too as they get to see and explore unchartered territory. They’re probably used to the neighborhood parks and malls. Giving them the opportunity to see and visit new places will help them see that they live in such a vast and ever changing world with lots of new sights and sounds. Plus, I guarantee that the more you travel with them the more flexible they’ll be with change. So get away for the weekend and show baby that we all have so much to explore and really what better way to explore than to do so with your family?

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