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Oct 312011

Now that’s an idea!! Take all this stuff I have sitting in the darkest places and have a yard sale. You know what dark places I’m talking about. Yeah, the ones you never visit except those rare occasions when you’re looking for something from years past. I’m talking like the trunk of your car. I know, right? Yeah, that’s exactly where I keep our stroller I had to have! I had to have it so bad I sold my Miata as a down payment for it. I’m not even kidding. I suppose that now means my Miata (ex-miata) is sitting in the trunk of my car. Well, I still love our Bugaboo stroller but we’re not using it. I also have all the options and they’re all stowed somewhere in some other dark place.

The other dark places I’m talking about are the shed and the attic, at least in our house. I’m pretty sure we have yard sale worthy stuff in those places too. This means I’m going to have to actually get into those places. I know what you’re thinking, “Geez Josh, don’t you get into your shed to get garden tools for yard work?” Yeah, no. well that’s not totally true, I actually do the yard with a very strict routine and timeline. How’s that work? Well whenever the wife reminds me how awful it is I’m right on it. Yeah, this routine is actually tied to complaints as opposed to a timeline of sorts.

Anyway, we’ve got some stuff filling a bunch of places in our house and I guess our driveway too (in the trunk of cars) and the thought of actually having money is a bit more appealing. Now we could do an old fashioned yard sale but that would involve me having to do yard work and we’ve already covered that. Plus, it would involve me having to talk to our neighbors and really, isn’t living next to them enough? I mean now, we’ve gotta strike up conversation and explain why we’re selling the lamp and how we bought it on a trip to Europe where we paid top dollar and had it shipped over by a GPS traceable ship all the while explaining how we completely overpaid. This fabrication of course would be to help substantiate why we’re selling it way above what any reasonable human would pay. Yeah, too much work…

Fortunately, I can get away with taking some quick pics and posting them all on eBay. I don’t have to do any yard work, talk to any neighbors, make up any lies.

I never lie.

That’s not true.

Yes, it is.

Who was that? Wow, anyway where was I? Oh yeah, selling on eBay. Okay, I’m a procrastinator and I need short timelines or it’s just gonna be real hard to get done. So here it is. I’m having a virtual yard sale and you’re all invited. I’m going to get all this stuff sold before November is out. Wow, that’s some pressure I just put on myself but who cares. Now you may see another post from me about how I didn’t get to it but did get some really great pictures or about how I waited so long and still had to do yard work but I’m planning on selling on eBay nonetheless. No matter the outcome this stuff is going on eBay and it’s getting sold.

So here’s my promise to you. I will do yard work again.

Also? I’m going to have my virtual yard sale and I’m going to show you how I did it!

Stay tuned….



I am a member of the eBay Parent Panel which is a paid sponsorship between eBay and DadStreet. The views and opinions expressed on this site are mine and cannot be bought. However, I may want to buy yours if I run out of my own.

Oct 272011

Well shoot! I was just getting over the fact that my regularity with posting has been well….not regular! I was just getting used to the bad feeling that I had over the fact that my blog seems to have lost a sense of direction.

Then today I get an instant message from a friend who says, “Congratulations on making Babble’s Top 50 Dad Blogs“. I’m like, “huh?”

I didn’t even know they had a Top 50 Dad List. Well apparently they never did and this was their first one. I try not to get too caught up on making lists like this. I’ve been fortunate enough to be called out on some other lists as well in the past. Some of them consisted of a “voting style” to rank bloggers. I really don’t like those as they not only can be fudged but tend to turn into a popularity contest or “let’s see who’s Mom can click vote for me the most times”. My mom could click really fast which is why I had some top 3 finishes! What’s different here is that the editors at Babble do the picking and it was all behind closed doors. Well I’m assuming the doors were closed. I suppose they could’ve been open but even if they were I didn’t see anything.

Anyway, I just barely squeaked into the list at #49 which I’m completely stoked and honored over. The problem is after the initial excitement wore off I started feeling really bummed out. I think what happened was I started revisiting all those things I was just starting to put aside (see 1st paragraph).

Honestly, this is really a good thing. I started my blog because I had something to say and I have a real passion for writing and more importantly for sharing. I haven’t been sharing lately and I really want to do more of that. I think what also might help is to not be so hard on myself. It’s my blog, I’m not making a living off of it, and I don’t need to put false expectations on myself or this blog.

Does the post have to have a certain amount of words?

Do I need amazing pictures to accompany my post?

Does it have to be the best post ever written?

Does the site have to be up and functioning? <— Okay, it kind of does

So no! It didn’t have to have any of these things (sans the last point). If sharing is really what I enjoy, which it is, then maybe I should stop asking myself so many questions and just share. Sometimes our hardest critics are ourselves and if what I share can resonate with just one person then I’ve done my job.

So here’s to me taking it easy on myself and going back to doing what I love to do which is sharing. Thanks Babble for helping me realize I don’t need to be on a list, I don’t need to meet someone else’s expectations, I just need to do what I love and that is sharing.

Oct 192011

I’m now working on my third iPhone. I started with the iPhone 3Gs, then upgraded to the iPhone 4, and now just got my hands on the iPhone 4S. Yes, I’m a self admitted Apple Fanboy and have the devices to prove it! Really though, who are we kidding? Apple makes amazing products but they don’t exactly fall in line with your average parents budget. That’s okay though!

With my last 2 iPhone upgrades I either paid very, very little or nothing out of pocket. Now you could always sell it on eBay under a typical auction style. This is a great way to get the most money back from your phone. However, the last time I searched for an iPhone on eBay it returned 11,320 pages full of iPhones for sale!! With so many phones available I can only imagine how long it must take to sell one. If you have some time then I would definitely go this route as you could get upwards of $400 depending on model and condition.

However, if you’re reading this then you’re likely a parent. You’re also likely a parent that values their time and just wants to get the money for their old phone…like now! Well, eBay has helped those of us who are sensitive of the time we have to get things done by creating a dedicated site!! If you’re thinking about upgrading your older iPhone or other smartphone to a 4s (BTW, I totally recommend it!) check out eBay’s Instant Sale Site!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Go to eBay’s Instant Sale Site.

Step 2: Find your phone.

Step 3: Answer 4 easy questions

Step 4: Accept offer, print shipping label, and ship for Free!

Step 5: Wait 5 business days and collect money via Paypal!

That’s about all it takes and in a weeks time you can be on your way to upgrading to your new phone!

Now keep in mind that the longer you wait, the less you’re probably going to get for your phone. Also note, that as of this writing the eBay Instant Sale site is only going to be active until October 20th. 

I am a member of the eBay Parent Panel which is a paid sponsorship between eBay and DadStreet. The views and opinions expressed on this site are mine and cannot be bought. However, I may want to buy yours if I run out of my own.

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