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Apr 302012

With May already upon us it’s not hard to remember that Mom is on our mind! There are so many resources out there for us to turn to and I wanted to remind you about my friends at eBay. You might not think that eBay would have anything to do with your upcoming Mother’s Day but I’m going to invite you to see what they have in store.

Since we’re all on some form of Social Media on a daily basis I thought I’d share about how they’re contributing. They are hosting a number of Social Media Giveaways including a Twitter Party for Moms on May 1st (from 12 – 2 PST) as well as compiling a gift guide of items that the Mother’s in your life might like.

Check out these different eBay channels to celebrate the Mom in your life and win some great prizes while you’re at it.

• Memorable Moments – Facebook photo Sweepstakes with daily winners. Check out the site!

• Keep an eye for giveaways on Twitter (#ebaymom) and Pinterest.

• Fashion Vault – The Watchery – Mother’s day luxury watches up to 70% off – 4/30 to 5/7. View the sale here!

• eBay Flowers Promotion – Buy ProFlowers through eBay and get $10 to spend on eBay running until 5/12. Check it out here!

I am a member of the eBay Parent Panel which is a paid sponsorship between eBay and DadStreet. The views and opinions expressed on this site are mine and cannot be bought. However, I may want to buy yours if I run out of my own.

Apr 052012

I can recall, not too long ago, a time when each and every word out of my daughter’s mouth was met with huge celebration. When she started talking it was such an amazing thing to watch. In the beginning we weren’t too concerned with what she was saying only so much that she was just speaking. Not too long after that she was starting to repeat words. We had to be really careful about what we would say around her or what would be on TV.

Our daughter, O, will be 4 years old in just under two weeks. She’s got a great vocabulary and I know we’ve done a great job ensuring she’s not exposed to words we’d likely use around other adults. However, she’s now in Pre-School and of course have no control over what other children are going to say. Recently she’s been picking up some words and one in particular.

About a week ago, O came home and completely out of nowhere says, “Daddy, we don’t say stupid.”. I was shocked at first as I’d never heard her use that word. Apparently, one of the other girls she plays with picked it up. So I replied, “That’s right honey, no one is stupid and we don’t use that word.”. That was the last I heard of it until the next day.

The conversation went like this:

O: “Daddy, we don’t say Stupid.”
Me: “That’s right honey, we don’t say that word.”
O: “Stupid is a bad word.”
Me: “That’s right honey and we don’t say it, good job!”
O: “Right, we don’t say Stupid.”
Me: “Right…”

This exact same conversation has occurred every day this week. I’m beginning to notice a pattern and am quickly catching on to this little genius 3 year old. She’s found a way to say Stupid all the while confirming that she shouldn’t say it!

Darn her!!!! LOL This is her at 3?? I am in so much trouble!

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