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May 312012

Several months ago I bought an R/C helicopter for the kids myself to play with around the house. What I didn’t realize was how easy it is to break those little blades. It didn’t take long before I was online searching for replacement blades after one too many crashes. Unfortunately, the blades that I received were the wrong ones. Of course, the proper thing to have done at this point would have been to return them, right? Well, you’re talking to Mr. Procrastinator. Being the diligent procrastinator that I am I waited until it was too late to return them. Had I returned them within the eligible window I would have received my money back but wouldn’t be a good procrastinator. See how this works?

Anyway, I was about to just toss the suckers (they were under $10) but realized I can do one better. So, I grabbed my iPhone opened up my eBay app and in 3 simple steps <insert Special Agent OSO music here> I had the blades listed while sitting on the couch.

Step 1



When you first launch the app you’re asked if you want to view the tutorial. There is a text tutorial that is really great. It even shows you how to search for items like yours which helps expedite the entire process! If you want to watch a video tutorial instead you can do that as well.

So your first step is going to be searching for the item you’re selling. You can either enter in the keyword of the item you’re selling or scan the barcode using the camera on the phone. I typed in the model number of the blades and it quickly showed other blades for sale. I tapped on one in the list and clicked on the “Sell one like this” button. The beauty of this is that it enters all the pertinent data into fields you’d otherwise have to fill out manually.


Step 2

Now that we’ve searched for the item we’re going to sell, we’re ready to create our posting. The following screen shots show how detailed you can be with your listing. Most fields are already filled out as a result of clicking that “Sell one like this” button in the previous step. However, you can go in and change any field you’d like simply by tapping on it. The layout is super simple and very intuitive.



Step 3

The third and final step is to submit your post! Once you do, you’ll be presented with the fees your posting will incur and that’s it! In literally minutes you can post anything you want to sell right from your phone!


I am a member of the eBay Parent Panel which is a paid sponsorship between eBay and DadStreet. The views and opinions expressed on this site are mine and cannot be bought. However, I may want to buy yours if I run out of my own.

May 102012

Unless you’ve been completely offline today you’ve surely heard and/or seen the controversial cover on Time Magazine. There’s been plenty of talk about how old the child in this picture is – he’s 3 – and whether or not women should be breastfeeding a child this age. It seems all the controversy online today (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has been around the topic of breastfeeding. Of course, this is an important topic and one that will be debated for years to come. I am very much in support of breastfeeding. Having said that, this post is actually going to talk about something much more important. It’s going to cover a topic that I’m not hearing anyone talk about and yet is, in many ways, killing millions of women and men alike.


The cover of this photo states, “Are You Mom Enough?” Has our society become so used to being shamed, put down, questioned that we don’t even see shame when it’s staring us in the face? We wonder why so many of us have self-esteem issues and yet we don’t see some of the causes. One of the most common questions I hear women asking is (in one variation or another) “Am I enough?”. Whether it’s in the form of weight, beauty, intelligence, career, financial, caregiving…and the list goes on and on.

The bottom line is that every women who is blessed to have a baby is ENOUGH from the moment she gives birth to that beautiful child. No woman can ever be MORE THAN or LESS THAN enough of a Mom.

There is no judgement in truth.

“More than” and “Less than” statements are judgements and there’s only one truth. All Moms are enough all the time!

Why must our society/media put into question something as basic as this? Why must they keep our Moms doubting themselves? As if there isn’t enough things to call into question about our performance and even our inherent nature. The sad truth is that this is so common. What’s even more sad is that so many Women and Men alike don’t even recognize that this is abuse and it’s called, Shame.

Someone(s) at Time Magazine has a warped sense of what’s “Real”. Don’t let them fool you into thinking you ever have to meet some condition as a women and a mother in order to be enough. This is a complete fallacy and says much more about the owners and content creators at Time Magazine than it ever does about our Mothers.

On this Mother’s Day I want you to remember one thing Moms. You were, are, and will always be enough.

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