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Mar 242011

There are many some things I actually do around the house. Cleaning the floors is not generally one of them. However, I have been known to turn on the vacuum from time to time. Fortunately, (the wife would argue different) I don’t find too many times when I need it.

Enter Hoover.

Hoover’s name is actually Cody but I don’t think they make a vacuum cleaner called Cody. I suppose I could’ve gone with Dyson since that’s what we have but Hoover is just a classic. Do they still make Hoover? Ummm…

Okay, I think that was officially just a tangent.

Anyway, Cody Hoover loves to wait just outside of O and Jake’s chairs while they’re eating. He’s just hoping for that little bit to be tossed on the floor. He’s such an animal! My favorite bib in the whole wide world is Bibagogo. Even on those occassions when those cheerios slipped past the Bibagogo’s pocket I know I have my faithful Hoover to do the dirty work!

Do you guys have pets? Do they help out with the cleaning?

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Feb 232011

September 22, 2006 was a very special day for us. Afterall, it would be the birth of our first son. He was the cutest little thing in the world. He had long red hair and was very exciteded! He was born alongside 12 other siblings. Oh, did I mention he’s a dog? No, my wife didn’t give birth to a dog nor did she give birth to 12 others. He was born the old fashioned way with a Mom and a Dad Dog…no human intervention. Okay, where’s this post going? That just got a little weird.

Anyway, we paid him so much attention. This was two years before O was born and 3 years prior to Jake joining us. He was all we had and we loved every moment with him. He was in many ways our son and we certainly treated him like he was our baby. Often times you’d think he was a baby! He couldn’t control himself when he was a puppy and would go everywhere in the house. He ate like a mad man and required special baby (puppy) food. He was our little boy!

When we found out we were pregnant with O a sudden rush of guilt came over me. I didn’t want to lose the relationship we had, the closeness. He was a huge part of our family and one we’ve had for two years at that point.

Think things change when you have babies?

Well people told us the dog would take a backseat to the kids and I just didn’t want to believe it. Not that I thought I wouldn’t spend the needed time with our “real” children. Only that I thought the time would be there (or I’d make the time) for him too. Time? What time?

What led me to write this post about our boy, Cody, was that sense of guilt again. No, I’m not looking for a pity party from anyone. Truth be told I haven’t made the time to take him on the walks he deserves and to give him that special attention he deserves. Yes, the kids give him attention but usually it’s in the way of hair pulling, tail slapping, eyes poking, trampoline bouncing on kind of way. You know…all the ways we parents just love seeing our little ones treat our pets.

He’s a total attention hog too. Oh yeah, he’ll come right up to you and put his head right on your lap. Then when he wants to be pet he’ll put his paw on your lap. He knows what he wants and he has no shame in telling you about it. It’s probably a good thing too because I need that reminder that he needs love and attention just the same.

Cody might not be a child and may not quite have that same place in my heart that O and Jake do. However, he is my boy, my first boy, and I love my little guy. Hopefully, “coming out” with my Slacker Daddy admission will be enough to remind me that there isn’t just two, there’s three. He deserves that love and attention we gave him when he was the only one. Now to find that extra hour in the day!

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