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Jun 102011

It’s weird how I come up with things to write. I think the reason I’m so chatty on Twitter is because it’s so easy. Things pop up into my brain faster than Jakey needs his next diaper change (which is quick). The problem is getting them all down on the proverbial paper. With Twitter, I have a thought, out whips my phone and viola! It usually takes a little bit bigger of an event to cause me to realize I should/could write about it. The problem is I’m kind of a normal guy and so I don’t get too many major events in my life. What winds up happening is that I post too infrequent (I miss not writing). Hence, this week I went all week without anything to say. Which if you know me on Twitter, Facebook, or real life I never have a shortage of anything to say. Some may wish I do, but alas that’s not the case.

So with that I thought I’d bring to you some of those “normal things” happening in a given week for me.

I had been working from home this past week when O and Jake were sitting in their highchairs, having lunch. Normally Jake is down for a nap by this time but he seemed to be a little more wired than usual – Can you even imagine? Anyway, I look over and realized he was still eating his graham cracker. Only when I looked up from his hand I noticed the boy was knocked out! He fell asleep eating!!

When we bought the house it came with a stove that was pretty darn old. Let’s put it this way; we’ve been lighting the range with a lighter and the oven had to be set to 250 in order to get it to 350. Needless to say it was in desperate need of replacement. Fortunately, my wife’s parents were renovating their kitchen and were replacing their stove. It was a nearly new stove with some really awesome features, like convection! As someone who cooks (I’m the chef in the house) the importance of a good quality stove is never under-appreciated. Well they were nice enough to not only give us their stove for free but to deliver it to us too!! My MIL and SIL (that’s Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law for you non web people) drove the 400 miles from Southern California to deliver it! I had to make some minor adjustments to the height of the stove. Apparently, Jake wanted to give Daddy a helping hand and thank goodness he did!

As someone who enjoys cooking, I also like going food shopping. I know, I’m weird…right? I like food so the prospect of going to shop and buy it is pretty appealing. Plus, the last I checked I kind of need it to stay breathing so it’s overall a good thing. Prior to having the kids I was always worried about what that’d be like. Fortunately, someone invented the perfect mode of transportation for my food as well as the kiddies. Every time we go to the store O and Jake race to the shopping cart with the dual driving car attached! They drive me all over the store!

It wouldn’t have been a complete week of parenting without having my nails painted. My wife decided to paint O’s nails for the first time. She was so excited about it that she ran over to me, nail polish in hand, wanting to return the favor. The only problem was the favor should have been returned to her Mom. Apparently, she didn’t get the memo that most dudes don’t have nail polish. Anyway, I’m not your normal dude or your normal dad so when she came over I gladly offered both of my hands and feet to be painted a pretty pink. All was fine and good until I showed up at the Dr. this week realizing my finger and toe nails were painted pink. Yeah, I had flip flops on too. I’m pretty sure he thought I was lying when I said I had a three year old daughter at home. Oh well…

Mar 242011

There are many some things I actually do around the house. Cleaning the floors is not generally one of them. However, I have been known to turn on the vacuum from time to time. Fortunately, (the wife would argue different) I don’t find too many times when I need it.

Enter Hoover.

Hoover’s name is actually Cody but I don’t think they make a vacuum cleaner called Cody. I suppose I could’ve gone with Dyson since that’s what we have but Hoover is just a classic. Do they still make Hoover? Ummm…

Okay, I think that was officially just a tangent.

Anyway, Cody Hoover loves to wait just outside of O and Jake’s chairs while they’re eating. He’s just hoping for that little bit to be tossed on the floor. He’s such an animal! My favorite bib in the whole wide world is Bibagogo. Even on those occassions when those cheerios slipped past the Bibagogo’s pocket I know I have my faithful Hoover to do the dirty work!

Do you guys have pets? Do they help out with the cleaning?

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