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Jul 202011

It’s been about a month since I noticed O having a conversation with a couple friends during dinner. She seemed to be pretty engrossed in it, talking and laughing. Apparently, they all had a lot to say as I sat there watching. It did take me a minute (I’m a little slow) but I had suddenly remembered we only had two children, no invited guests, and O was not talking to her brother, Jake.

Looking underneath her high chair and the table yielded no visual of stowaway children or ghostly goblins. When I inquired as to whom she was talking to I was quickly introduced to Meena and Teedy. Apparently, I can’t see Meena and Teedy but they’re a lot of fun to be around and can carry on a serious conversation. They must be pretty funny too cause O laughs a whole lot with them around!

Recently we went to the park and I helped O push Meena and Teedy on the swings. They had so much fun and boy were they easy to push! I’m pretty sure they’re parents should feed them more as they were both really light!

O, Olivia, Jake, Friends, DadStreet

Next we went with them on the sliding board. What was great about the slide is that it’s a dual one so both Meena and Teedy could go down together. Of course, O would follow quickly behind them.

O, Olivia, Friends, Park, DadStreet

It’s not every day that we get a visit from Meena and Teedy. Sometimes they’re outside with O and Jake playing and then sometimes they’re joining us for dinner. I don’t mind having them over as they don’t eat anything and never need diaper changes.

As a concerned parent I have to admit the thought of my childhood experiences at The Grateful Dead concerts or Pink Floyd left me wondering if hallucinations pass on to your offspring. Although, I’m pretty sure this is just her wild imagination hard at work. Just when you think you’ve seen all the new things your babies/toddlers experience they surprise you with something new. With Jake just a year behind O it’ll be interesting to see who he’ll be inviting over to dinner!


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